Industries Served

The antitrust laws are supposed to apply to virtually all businesses and lines of commerce in the United States, with a few notable exemptions, such as “the business of baseball,” the insurance industry, and union activity, but there are “exceptions to the exemptions,” and the baseball exemption might soon be ended.

We have specific experience litigating antitrust disputes and providing antitrust counsel in the following industries (listed in alphabetical order):

●  Automobile dealerships

●  Automobile manufacturing

●  Automobile parts

●  Computer hardware

●  Computer software

●  Electronics

●  Foreclosure auctions

●  Hardware supplies

●  Highway construction

●  Hospitals and healthcare services

●  Infrastructure and utilities infrastructure

●  Marine ports

●  Medical devices

●  Petrochemical products

●  Pharmaceuticals

●  Property development

●  Public works

●  Retail sales

●  Wholesale distribution

●  Telecommunications services