Our Team

For each matter, we conduct an investigation, develop a strategy at the outset, form a team for the case, and delegate the expected tasks so that each one is performed by a professional who has the appropriate level of expertise for the task in question. If we accept a case, one of our senior attorneys (Mr. Markham, Mr. Bishop or Mr. Bona) will prepare all significant written submissions, conduct the essential depositions, and act as the lead attorney at trial and on any appeal. Where appropriate, we assign other tasks to associate attorneys, paralegal assistants and outside service-providers who work under the supervision of one of our principal attorneys. In larger matters, we can call upon colleagues who have worked with us before in order to provide sufficient staffing for even the most demanding matters, including multi-district litigation, large complex litigation, and global investigations of cartels. We aim never to overstaff a matter (which can lead to wasteful duplication of effort and unreasonable bills), and we accept only a few significant matters at any one time, so that we can always devote our full, undivided attention to each of our cases.

William Markham is our lead attorney for antitrust litigation, antitrust counseling, much of our business litigation, and our real estate litigation.  Dorn Bishop, who is “of counsel” to the firm, handles certain kinds of business litigation, insurance matters, and white-collar crime. Jarod Bona, who is likewise “of counsel” to our firm, is a highly experienced antitrust attorney who collaborates with Mr. Markham on antitrust matters.  Jason Eliaser, who is also “of counsel” to our firm, works as an associate attorney under the direction and supervision of Mr. Markham.  Laura Avila is a highly skilled and experienced paralegal who helps us to compile, organize, and present our proofs, and Ana Acosta is an all-purpose office assistant who is tireless, diligent, and skilled at organizational work.  We also work with first-rate service providers, and in our larger cases we work with other attorneys, all of whom have superior experience and a proven track-record of success in high-stakes litigation.