Business Litigation

Mr. Markham and Mr. Bishop both have substantial, successful experience litigating a broad array of commercial disputes. Each has obtained successful results at trial and by settlement, and each has an extensive, excellent command of the various laws and precepts that govern commercial dealings, the law of contracts, stockholders’ rights, securities matters, commercial fraud, RICO claims, partnership and membership matters, officers and directors’ liability, and a wide range of matters that govern dealings within and between companies and businesses of all kinds. Mr. Markham has written well-received articles on partnerships, contract law, the use of special referees in complex proceedings, and the construction of ambiguous phrases in contracts, and he has been interviewed and quoted by national news media on various business topics. Mr. Markham also has closely followed business and economic trends and studied the evolution of various industries and markets in order to perform his antitrust work, and this knowledge is also useful in commercial business disputes of all kinds.

You can read more at the following links about our experience handling specific kinds of business litigation: trademark infringement and related offenses; false advertising; patent misuse; securities fraud; claims under the RICO Act and white-collar defense; and insurance disputes.