Real Estate Litigation

We litigate and try substantial disputes that concern the ownership, development, sale and possession of interests in real properties, and we have an excellent command of the many legal doctrines and precepts that govern these disputes.  You can read about our proficiency in particular practice areas by visiting the other pages within this section of our website.  Broadly speaking, we have experience in the following areas of real estate law:  Foreclosures, condemnations, subdivision development, home-builders’ issues, land development matters, construction contracts and construction loans, title insurance, title disputes, lien priority disputes, fraudulent inducement and non-disclosure matters, breach of real estate contracts, commercial leaseholds, nuisance, trespass, easements (express, implied and prescriptive), and equitable servitudes.  We can skillfully litigate and provide advice on the full range of issues that confront those who hold valuable interests in real property under contracts and by operation of law.