Mr. Markham has significant experience litigating substantial foreclosure matters, such as judicial foreclosures and challenges to improper trustee sales. His article on foreclosure law became famous during the prolonged crisis in the housing and mortgage markets from which the country is finally emerging. He composed the article in 2000 after litigating a major foreclosure dispute in Northern California. From 2007 onward, he began to receive calls almost daily from lenders, borrowers, and others who had questions about the foreclosure laws of California. During the long “foreclosure crisis,” which ran from 2007 until 2012 or so, he was interviewed extensively on foreclosure matters by major news media, and he made appearances on the San Diego affiliate of NBC to answer and debate issues of foreclosure law. The New York Times, which interviewed and quoted him twice on foreclosure law, characterized him as an “expert” on this topic. He also served as a lecturer on foreclosure law during this period, giving MCLE classes on the subject to other attorneys.

Mr. Markham accepts only substantial foreclosure disputes or novel questions of foreclosure law, but we may be able to refer less significant matters to other qualified practitioners.